2015 – Exhibition in “Dzyga” diploma project “Paradjanov – my love” (Lviv)

2016,2017 – Participation in the Paradzhanov International Festival in Levandivka (Lviv)

2018 (September) – “White Exhibition” at Gallery 83 (Kiev)

2018 (November) – “White Exhibition” Bunkermuz (Ternopil)

2018 (November) – exhibition “Lighting” (Lviv)

2018 (November) – artist in AIR Gogol Fest with projects “Jungles” and “Window” (Vinnytsya)

2018 (November) – the first exhibition of the series “Two in One” (Chernigiv)

2018 (December) – exhibition  “Cork and persimmon beetles” (Vinnytsya)

2019 (January) – exhibition “No title” in Teaspace “Surya” 1 km 164 m above sea (Pylypets’, Carpathian mountains)

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